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All your aesthetic services are under one location in Jacksonville, FL to best serve you.

Health for all offers medical assistance for everyone with or without insurance. We are able to offer primary care services to babies over 100 years old, women’s health, men’s health, annual check-up, hormonal check-up, school medical exams, and immunizations. Moreover, I am proficient in cosmetic procedures like Botox / Dysport, Microneedling with PRP, and BB shine.

Lips & Fillers

Choose from True Lips,  Pump Lips, Fillers.

Botox / Dysport

It is a injectable medications used to treat facial fine lines and wrinkles.

Women's Health

Physical exam, gynecological exam,complete blood work and urine.

Men's Health

Physical exam, complete blood work, PSA and urine.

Hormone Therapy

Optimize your hormones to help optimize your well-being.

FSH, LH, Progesterone and Estrogen.

Complete Blood Work


Ultrasound for facial aesthetic

It is a safe and effective treatment for mild skin tightening and lifting

Weight Loss

With or without medication, complete blood work, EKG and DIET.

Primary Care

FSH, LH, Progesterone and Estrogen.

IV Vitamin Therapy

Vit B12, folic acid and vit D panel.

laser hair removal

Carefree and Hair-Free!
Virtually Painless, Quick Treatments and Effective on All Skin Types.

Lipotropic Injection

To stimulate metabolism and help with weight loss.